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The Happiness Quiz


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(Based on Elaine Sihera's SAVI© Self-Enrichment Sorter)

  • How HAPPY do you really think you are at this time?

  • How SATISFIED are you feeling this minute?

  • Would you say you are GLAD to be alive?

  • Do you LOVE yourself and your body?

  • Do you SMILE easily or frown a lot?

  • QUIZ: Test YOUR Happiness Level Now!

    The SCORING results are given at the end.

    Select one of the answers to each item as it currently applies to you.

    1. VALUE (How worthy do I feel?)
    2. Doesn't apply to me.
      Not a lot.
      Not enough!
      Good a lot of the time
      Very worthy, most of the time.
      LOTS of it!

    3. INCLUSION (Do I feel a key part of things? That I really belong?)
    4. Doesn't apply to me.
      Feel like an outsider.
      Not nearly enough!
      Sometimes feel excluded
      Included a lot of the time
      Included, most of the time.
      Totally included!

    5. SIGNIFICANCE (How much do I feel I matter - both to myself and others? How much influence/power do I have?)
    6. None at all.
      Hardly any.
      Not nearly enough!
      Could be better.
      Satisfying amount
      A high level, most of the time.
      LOTS of it!

    7. APPRECIATION (How much do I feel valued and rewarded?)
    8. What appreciation?
      Hardly any.
      Not nearly enough!
      Could be better.
      Fairly satisfied.
      Very good, most of the time.
      LOTS of it!

    9. SELF-LOVE (How much do I really like myself?)
    10. I really dislike myself.
      Not a lot.
      Could be better.
      Good mainly
      A LOT, I would say.
      I Love myself completely

    11. SELF ACCEPTANCE (How comfortable do I feel with my body. How much do I like what I see in the mirror?
    12. Very unhappy about it.
      Not a lot!
      Not enough!
      Just so-so
      I like some parts of me.
      Very happy with all of me, most of the time.
      Love it!

    13. SELF-BELIEF (How much do I feel I can achieve, and am capable of?)
    14. Most people are better than me.
      Hardly anything. I don't feel motivated.
      Not a lot.
      I have my limitations.
      It depends on the opportunities.
      A great deal, most of the time.
      Tons. The sky is my limit!

    15. SELF-ESTEEM (How empowered do I really feel to affect my life?)
    16. Always thinking the worst of myself.
      Not much esteem.
      Not nearly enough!
      Could be much better.
      Good, depending on the situation
      Empowered, most of the time.
      Most empowered and feeling good!

    17. POSITIVITY (Do I feel happy and positive?)
    18. Downright unhappy.
      Too much negative feelings.
      Not nearly enough!
      Comes and goes
      Good, depending on the situation
      Most of the time.
      Almost all the time!

    THANK YOU. Please complete the details requested (for research), and click the SEND FORM button. Your score will be sent to you shortly.

    Gender and Age:

    0-6 Are you alive? You are so numb with despair, your life must really seem like a drudgery. How sad. Needs some urgent sorting as your confidence in yourself is at a low ebb.

    7-13 You are terribly unhappy! This is not good for your health or emotions. Nothing can be achieved in this state of constant stress and worry. It must be difficult for people to interact with you too, as you are likely to be a taker than a giver. Time to build your confidence and belief in yourself.

    14-21 You yearn to be happy but this level is too low to make you feel proud of you. You don't seem to like yourself too much, and that could be interfering with your interaction with others, as you wouldn't be a very cheerful person to deal with. It needs urgent sorting because something is at the root of that unhappiness.

    22-31 Most people will be in this range because they are often at a crossroads in their life and not sure what to do with it. A very troubling and confusing state, because you are unhappy and filled with fear most of the time, often dwelling on past actions you cannot change instead of moving on.

    32-41 You are usually quite happy, but vulnerable. Life is generally good, but there are many moments of doubt, and you tend to take a while to recover from setbacks. But nothing is ever happening back there. It's all about today and where you are heading.

    42-48 You are usually very happy, with a strong personality, but things tend to get you down quickly, especially as you work very hard for results and believe in yourself. You just need to stop aiming for perfection and enjoy the unique person you are.

    49-54 WOW! You are a happy little bunny, who clearly enjoys your life. Nothing can stop you at all. Very confident and a real achiever who revels in being you! You obviously feel confident in your own skin, though your constant joy could make less happy folk feel inadequate.

    What should I do if my score is not as expected?

    If you scored LESS THAN 23, you would find one of our personalised Coaching Services very useful! LESS THAN 15 and you definitely need some help!

    Happiness is important to well being.
    Do something about it TODAY!



    (from: The Optimist's Creed)


      * To be so STRONG that nothing can disturb my peace of mind

      * To radiate HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY to every person I meet.

      * To make all my FRIENDS feel that there is something fantastic in them.

      * To look at the sunny side of life and make my OPTIMISM come true.

      * To think only of the BEST, to work only for the BEST and to expect only the BEST.

      * To be just as enthusiastic about the SUCCESS of others as I am about my own.

      * To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater ACHIEVEMENTS of the future.

      * To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a SMILE to every living creature I meet.

      * To give so much time to IMPROVING myelf that I have no time to criticize others.

      * To be too CONFIDENT for worry, too NOBLE for anger, too STRONG for fear and too HAPPY to permit the presence of trouble.

      * To THINK WELL of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great quiet DEEDS.

      * To live in the FAITH that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am TRUE to the BEST that is in me.

    (Photo images used on this page (ID: 1084642 & ID: 863969) courtesy of stock.xchng).