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(S1)43. How do I motivate myself when I fail in something?
Motivating one's self after any 'failure' should be very easy because life does not depend on just ONE event. We are continuously on a journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. Every new day we experience, no matter what form it takes, is a crucial part of that journey. It means no matter what we do we should not see that as the be-all or end-all of our existence but another notch in the journey of life, which is crucial for our progress.

(S2)35. How do I work up the courage to ask someone out?
Many people who have confidence believe that it is not too difficult to ask someone out. It's as easy as striking up a conversation. But it is is quite nerve wracking for some due to four main things: one's level of confidence and self esteem, desire for approval, one's self worth and one's immediate goal. These four factors have to be tackled in some way before we can find the courage to ask someone out for a date.

(S6)22. 5 Key Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem
1. Face Your Fears. Make a list of the major problems in your life, then list ways to improve or change them. They are never really as bad as you think they are. Chances are that not all of your problems can be dealt with easily or quickly because they might involve others. But unless you change, no one else will, so it is still your responsibility to confront or address your problems.

(S4)36. 10 Lethal Confidence Killers: Do You have Them?
We tend to get into a narrow mode of negative thinking which dictates the quality of the life we have. The most common thoughts involve some or all of the following, listed in descending order of their potential to damage our self-esteem:

(S5)41.How to talk to a girl that you like for the first time
We are all nervous of speaking to strangers, especially those whom we might like or fancy. There is usually some apprehension of how the other person might react, whether they might be wondering about our real motives for contact, whether we are doing the right thing in seeking a friendship with that particular person and, deep down, a fear of being ignored or rejected by them.

(S8)12. Key Factors That Develop Self-Confidence in Children
In order to build self-confidence, children must not only experience success, but also have more opportunities to succeed. 'Failures' (which are really setbacks) should be small and should teach the child something useful. Above all, children must not be protected from such 'failures', or from finding out the consequences for themselves, as parents are apt to do. Otherwise, the first time youngsters experience a major setback they will not be able to deal with it.

(S9)27. How to encourage your child's independence
Self-esteem is the opinion we have of ourselves. If we believe we are wonderful, we have high self-esteem and if we think we are worthless, invisible and insignificant we carry around a low self-esteem which not only affects our potential, but also dictates the reactions of others. Gradually they pick up the negative body signals we send out and treat us accordingly.

(S5)33. 10 Essential Tools to Boost Personal Confidence and Esteem
Building one's self confidence is not an easy thing to do because there is no manual on how to do it and even the experts disagree on what confidence is and its origins. However, the essence of self-confidence is self love and reaching out to others. It isn't self-centredness in a selfish way. Thus we can begin to build confidence in the following five simple but important ways.

(S7)10. What are the key skills of a mother?
Whatever practical skills a mother has, the defining ones are really emotional, of which the key ones are listed here. Everything else should fall into place if these are at the forefront:

1. Love and Affection: This is an obvious one to many of us, but it is most likely to be missing or in short supply in many households. It is not such an obvious commodity to mothers who were not loved themselves, who were perhaps treated in a detached way, who were never outwardly shown that value. Thus many parents find it difficult to really love their children in every sense of the word, to display warmth and genuine affection, regardless of how they feel inside.