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Buy 10 easy steps to...
Growing Older Disgracefully!


from PAYPAL at the special price of £7.99 plus postage!
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How do YOU feel about your age?

Are you dreading it or do you welcome each new year?
Do you wish you were 25 again?

10 easy steps to...Growing Older Disgracefully!
explores how we age in simple terms and provides essential tips for




And being HAPPY with who you are!

You will never view ageing in the same way again!


At the time of writing, there are 20 million over 50s in the UK. That’s an awful lot of people who are not being catered for in many ways. People who have a certain mindset about ageing, who are perhaps lonely, unhappy, afraid of the constant changes and are virtually invisible. However, it needn’t be like that at all, if one is prepared to see another perspective, to allow the benefits of life to come through and to allow one’s self to grow older disgracefully!


Introduction...Why Ageing Disgracefully? 

STEP 1 Love Yourself 

STEP 2 Enjoy Your Age - Accept it Gracefully
STEP 3 No Regrets!
STEP 4 Look After Your Body 

STEP 5 Interacting With Others - Communicate! 

STEP 6 Start Your Day With a Smile 

STEP 7 Sex! Sex! Sex! 

STEP 8 Read Lots: Learn Something New Each Day 

STEP 9 Discover New Interests and Activities 

STEP 10 Let Your Spirituality Shine


1. To be older, without all those pressing responsibilities, is one of the most exciting periods in our life. A period which is seldom appreciated because of our perception of it, being brainwashed from a long time back that we should dread it and being haunted by the idea that we have only illness and frailty to look forward to with ageing.

Yet, I cannot think of anything more sexy and formidable than to have great intelligence, wisdom and experience, and a wonderful, healthy, shapely body to go with it! Eat your heart out all those younger airhead ‘celebrities’ with nothing more than their looks! At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably be the only woman in Britain who will have to whip out my birth certificate in two years’ time (when I’m 60) to prove that I am entitled to my free bus pass, and I am relishing the moments. In fact, I can’t wait to be 60! Am I mad, or wot?"


2. "For me, ‘disgraceful’ behaviour in older people is one which takes us out of our comfort zones, one that defies predictions and unchanging expectations; one that extends our knowledge, our boundaries and our reach to view life and approach it in a different way. It is an attitude that takes us to new vistas and venues, to new heights of pleasure and personal appreciation of the unique and formidable beings we become as we age; one that brings us firmly and unmistakably in the modern era. In short, behaviour which helps us to defy ageing and regard it simply as a number marking the stages of life, instead of one that brings fear and dread and controls our living."

3. "People tend to look back with rose tinted lenses on the past perhaps because they are years older and are feeling less confident. They occupy themselves with the things they wish they had done instead of what they could still do no. But no other age that has gone before is ever better than the present one because there is always an improvement in education, quality of life and opportunities. How many people would wish to go back into the 17th century before they discovered anaesthetic or penicillin? Or return to the 18th century before the car was created? Or revisit 1915 before the First World War and women had no vote? We tend to give past ages the halo effect to help us to cope with changes we don’t like now. But, for me, the age we are in is always the best. And once we appreciate that simple fact, we are then in a position to accept it, benefit from it, contribute to its growth and enhance our own lives through it, as I have done with technology. So leave those regrets well behind."

4. "I applied for X Factor immediately after the BBC programme, fired up with enthusiasm, and began practising immediately. I created a karaoke machine on my computer with the help of a wonderful karaoke website and when I heard my voice on my first attempt, I nearly died standing up!! Needless to say, my friends thought I had taken leave of my senses. They didn’t say anything negative. They just kept asking me repetitively, like parrots, if I was sure I was doing the right thing, giving a hint I refused to take. But they were also magnificently supportive: listening to my renditions, accompanying me to karaoke nights to sing away, encouraging me massively and dreaming with me of what was possible. I didn’t have their fears so I didn’t see any obstacle in getting on the show.

I never felt I stood any chance of winning, but I saw myself, with my great personality, as the new Chica, the equivalent of cheeky Chico who got really far in the 2005 competition on sheer character and self-belief. I thought of my children too, with their magnificent singing voices, who should really be the ones taking the audition and I was determined to do my bit to make up for that. When I got a letter of acceptance giving me my personal audition date, I nearly collapsed with shock."


This book is about the complete acceptance that your life is a journey and you are still travelling, not coming to a stop just because you have retired or have reached a certain age. You could die tonight, or in thirty years time. So not knowing that crucial date means viewing every moment as a new opportunity instead of it merely leading to a dead end.

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