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The workshops listed below are offered throughout the year either in London or Maidenhead, United Kingdom. The actual venue will be decided when an adequate number of participants has expressed interest. If there aren't enough delegates for a particular event, any interest will be carried forward to the next available one.

1. TWO types of events are organised by The Sihera Confidence Guide©: TALKS ( which are more general and usually last 2 hours, including Q & A) and WORKSHOPS (which usually last ONE full day and are more personal). Both events are presented by emotional health consultant, Elaine Sihera, the creator of the Confidence Guide.

2. The cost of public events for individuals start from £35 plus VAT, per delegate, for each 'Talk'. The cost of private events for organisations varies according to their size and status, whether voluntary, education, public service or commercial. Costs are also affected by WHEN an event is booked: earlier bookings carry a discount.

3. For public events, each interest will be placed on a waiting list. When an ideal 20 interests (for Workshops) or 40 interests (for Talks) have been received, participants will be notified of all the relevant details (date, venue, cost etc.). No payment is made until ALL details have been received and participation is confirmed by the delegate.

4. ORGANISATIONS are free to book either Confidence 'Talks' or 'Workshops' for their staff which can take place at any desired time and in their chosen location. Please request a quote for Elaine's participation either as a keynote speaker and/or facilitator/motivator.

5. All events must be paid for in advance at least TWO WEEKS before the date. Payments are made online only via PAYPAL or credit card. This is designed to keep down the cost, and amount, of administrative work relating to the events.

6. ALL booking correspondence will be by EMAIL to ensure a record of each related query. There is a phone number for urgent queries but this will only be revealed to delegates who have confirmed their booking.

7. In case of cancellation, refunds are available on a sliding scale according to the amount of notice given. Notice within the last three days of an event will carry only a 40% refund.

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(TALK) Scheduled for JANUARY, APRIL, SEPTEMBER (Maidenhead, Berkshire)

(TALK) Scheduled for APRIL, DECEMBER (Maidenhead, Berkshire)

(TALK) Scheduled for FEBRUARY, MARCH, NOVEMBER (Maidenhead, Berkshire)

(WORKSHOP) Scheduled for JANUARY (London)

(WORKSHOP) Scheduled for MARCH, OCTOBER (Maidenhead, Berkshire)

PLEASE NOTE: Information on the events will be supplied when an interest is expressed. Details will also appear on the Calendar below when the dates and venue have been finalised.

EXPRESS AN INTEREST (ALL fields MUST be completed.)

Your Name:

Your Organisation:

Event Type (whether TALK or WORKSHOP):

Event Code:

Event Date (if known):

Your Email:


Suggestion for Future Talk/Workshop:

You will be automatically added to the WAITING LIST and be sent the relevant information as soon as it is finalised OR be updated on progress. If there is a WORKSHOP/TALK you would like to see us run, please suggest it on the form.

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Just Click on the date which has content to see the details of any listed event/workshop. Details will appear when the event is finalised.

NEXT SCHEDULED PUBLIC EVENT by the The Sihera Confidence Guide©: To be added.

(Private events for organisations are not noted on this calendar.)

(Photo images used on this page (ID: 1031856 & ID: 1110515) courtesy of stock.xchng).